Unlike other professions, I do not get paid until the sale closes. Below is a detailed list of what I do for my clients:
  1. Research comparable properties to determine your property market value.
  2. Prepare the listing package with important information; CCAD, survey, rental history, and trust verification.
  3. Educate buyers and sellers on current market conditions that effect current property value.
  4. Obtain property details: lot size, taxes, utilities, etc.
  5. Input listings into MLS database with maximum photos allowed.
  6. Input into syndicated websites.  See My Marketing Plan for list.
  7. Create flyers and promotional materials.
  8. Promote and host Open Houses.
  9. Counsel people; listen to their needs and wants.
  10. Often work 7 days a week, and on average 12-14 hours a day.
  11. Communicate with other agents, title agencies, home inspectors, home appraisers, pest inspectors, well and septic inspectors, and loan officers. This includes phone calls, emails, and communication organization with follow up emails to you.
  12. Help stage homes for showings and photos.
  13. Suggest curb appeal enhancements or home updates/upgrades.
  14. Request feedback from buyer's agents; often 3 times to get a response.
  15. Stay educated on market values and suggest a price change when needed.
  16. Receive and present offers to sellers.
  17. Execute offers for buyers.
  18. Negotiate counteroffers. Re-negotiate, and sometimes re-negotiate again. This also includes getting addendum and amendments drafted and signed for each re-negotiation.
  19. Schedule home inspections and appraisals.
  20. Attend networking events, luncheons, mixers, meetings, award ceremonies, and community events with intentions to hopefully gain business partnerships, or new client leads, while promoting your property.
  21. Schedule multiple showings, and spend hours driving and showing homes.
  22. Receive and respond to social media and website alerts, emails, texts, and  voicemail inquires daily.
  23. Receive and respond to dozens of phone calls and text messages daily.
  24. Attend continuing education classes every year, and stay current with the ever-changing rules and laws within the real estate industry.
  25. Review closing disclosures and schedule clients' closing.
  26. Organize, complete, and review hundreds of pieces of paperwork per client.
  27. I never "punch out".  I remain "on call" every day, including weekends, holidays, and vacations too!
Susan Brown
Susan Brown
103 S Garcia St Port Isabel TX 78578