I am excited you have considered the South Padre Island area for your next purchase.  Below is a timeline to help you through the process. 

Initial contact: 

1. You will want to sign a Buyer’s Representation agreement to guarantee 100% representation.  The listing agent will be representing the sellers.  If you decide on a property my fees are paid by the seller.

2. Make a loan application to obtain a pre-approval letter and provide me with the lender name, phone number, and email address.  This will increase our negotiating power when presenting an offer.  Contact a local lender from the list provided below or choose one of your own.  PLEASE SEE THE INCLUDED BUYER’S DO’S AND DON’TS. 

Greg Jones - Island Mortgage 956-571-3662

Kathy Lonon - HMG Mortgage 956-778-0578 

3. Discuss your criteria and budget with me so I can provide a list of properties that match your needs. The list will include "all" active listings in the South Padre Island MLS.

4. Review the list of properties I provide, and if possible, drive by properties and decide which one interest you. Provide the list to me and I will schedule a day and time to view those properties with you. 

We have found the property for you: 

I will create an offer and the necessary forms for you to sign and submit.  Be prepared to submit two checks with your offer.  

1. Earnest money for the Title Company 

2. Option check for the seller.  I will provide the receivers information. 

Your offer has been accepted and the contract signed: 

1. I will submit the contract with the earnest money to the title company and deliver the option check to the listing agent.

2. I will provide your lender with a copy of the contract along with the MLS sheet.

3. Your termination option period begins with the execution date; therefore, you need to choose a home inspector and IMMEDIATELY schedule your home inspection. Below is a list of inspectors that have been recommended by past buyers or you can choose one on your own. 

Home Inspectors 

Carroll's Inspection Services 956-459-2636

Neil Rasmussen 956-572-2008

Stone's Home Inspections 956-454-3929 

Pest Inspectors 

HIT Services Pest Control  956-421-4649

BugWorks Termite & Pest Control 956-687-2645

Sniper Pest Control 956-584-1411

Safeguard Pest Control 800-738-8237

CVA Pest Control 956-364-2001 

1. You may want to have additional inspections such as wood destroying insects, Radon, mold, endangered species, and lead-based paint. Ask the inspector if they provide these additional inspections or if you will need to contact someone else. Please schedule those as well.

2. Contact an insurance company to arrange coverage and provide your lenders information to them so they can provide the policy to them. Please provide me with the name, number and email address of the company you decide to use. Below is a list of local companies to choose from, or you can choose one on your own.  The MLS will be provided to your insurer.  

Insurance Providers 

Bob Sales Insurance 956-542-5331

Cameron County Insurance Center 956-943-6481

Coastal Insurance (Daniel Lopez) 956-943-6801

Farm Bureau (Joe Murphy) 956-399-8183

Shepard, Walton & King 956-423-8755

Texas Insurance Managers 956-423-6986 

Inspection is Completed:  

1. Call me to discuss the report to decide if a request for repairs should be submitted to the seller. If you want to request any repairs from the seller, I will need to submit the request in writing on an amendment prior to the termination option period expiration date (see paragraph 23 for time frame).

2. If the seller did not provide a survey with a T47 you will need to ask the title company to order one for you. Ask the title company to provide a copy to your lender and to me.  

Your loan is approved and the lender instructs you to prepare to close:  

1. Contact the title company to schedule your closing. Confirm if you will be at the title company for closing or if your package will need to be mailed to you (confirm the mailing address to receive that package). Provide a phone number, email address, as well as a mailing address for documents being mailed after the closing. You CANNOT write a personal check.

2. Schedule utilities to be turned on in your name on the day of closing (list included). Exception: The water company can be set up but they will require a copy of the deed after it is signed to complete the transfer.

3. Inform me if you would like to have a walk-through of the property the day of closing but prior to signing the paperwork.

4. I will review the closing disclosure (CD) with you to proof for errors. 

On Closing Day:  

1. Bring copies of all your paperwork, especially any receipts that have been paid for the various Texas insurance requirements. In some cases, you may have already paid, but the title company has instructions to collect at closing. With the proper receipts, you will not have to double pay.

2. Confirm with the title company what you will need to bring to closing.

3. Bring your driver's license or passport to closing. 

Funding is confirmed.  Use your Recorded Deed to complete the following:  

1. Contact local post office and start your mail service. 

2. Obtain your Texas Driver's License (if applicable). 

3. Register to Vote (can be done at same time as driver's license).

4. Begin the school enrollment process for your children. 

5. File as the new owner with the Cameron County Tax Assessor and file for any qualifying exemptions (homestead, over 65, etc.). 

6. Register with the homeowners association (if applicable).

7. Finalize water service at the Laguna Madre Water District. Detailed information can be found in the Around Town Booklet I will provide to you.

8. Pick up the key from my office if it was not provided to you at closing.

9. Go to your local city hall and obtain your hurricane sticker. 

Use the All Around Town With Susan Brown booklet to become familiar with the area. The list of "Important Numbers" and "Preferred Providers" will save you lots of time searching through phone books.

I hope you enjoy the South Texas area as much as I do and feel free to contact me if you have questions. Remember, I'm not just your real estate agent; I'm your neighbor.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!!

Susan Brown
(956) 592-5464

Byron Miller

(956) 433-8054



Susan Brown
Susan Brown
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